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Terracotta Duplicates

Terracotta Duplicates

The Terracotta Warriors near the Tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang (259BC- 210BC) in Xi’an city is regarded as the eighth marvel in the world. With great study values in military, economy and culture of its time, the excavation and exhibition of the grand Terracotta Duplicates has shocked the world and attracted thousands of visitors home and abroad. Today, Terracotta duplicates are designed for sale as tourist souvenirs according to the primary Terracotta Warriors in kinds of shapes and sizes. Terracotta duplicates can be found in museums, galleries, hotels and souvenir shops in Xi’an city as well as some other famous tourist cities like Guilin. Some of the duplicates are made in the same size as the original ones, while some in scaling down sizes that easy to be carried as decorations in offices and houses, or gifts for friends and relatives. Owing to the different making materials and sizes, the prices of Terracotta duplicates are various from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan for visitors options.

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