Popular Family Dishes in China

1. Scrambled egg with tomato
Materials: two median-size tomatoes, two eggs, shallot, oil, salt, sugar, chicken powder.
Cooking Procedures:
a. Cut the tomatoes into slices, break up the eggs and stir it in a bowl with a little salt (add a little bit water will make the egg more tender), cut the shallot into short sections.
b. Heat the pan until it gets try and put some oil in it, fry the egg liquid before the oil seethes and smash the egg into pieces.
c. Then fry the tomatoes pieces with the egg, add some salt, continue to fry for a while and add some sugar.
d. When the tomatoes pieces are cooked, add some chicken powder and stir it well. Remove the cooked food into the plate. Spread the cut shallot one on the dish.

2. Fried Kidney Bean
Materials: kidney beans, several garlic cloves, two dry red peppers, salt, chicken powder.
Cooking Procedures:
a. Peel off the skin of the skin of the garlic cloves and cut up the garlic cloves.
b. Heat the pan until it gets try and put some oil in it, fry the mashed garlic before the oil seethes, put the kidney beans into the pan and fry with the garlic, add some salt and fry for a while, lid the pan (you can add a little water to avoid it chars) for some 5 minutes.
c. When the surface of the kidney beans gets wrinkled, add some chicken powder and fry for less than one minute. Remove the cooked food into the plate.

3. Sweet and Sour Spareribs
Materials: half a kg of spareribs, ginger, garlic, shallot, salt, sugar, vinegar, cooking wine.
Cooking Procedures:
a. Heat the pan until it gets try and put enough oil in it, deep-fry the chopped spareribs with ginger slices when the oil gets hot, stir the spareribs from time to time.
b. Remove the spareribs out of the pan when they get golden, pick out the ginger slices and leave a little oil in the pan, fry the diced garlic, salt, sugar and cooking wine together for a while, then put the fried spareribs into the pan and continue to fry.
c. After some 2 minutes, add a little vinegar and stir for several times, then add some chicken powder and continue to stir for a while.
d. Remove the cooked food into the plate and spread cut shallot on it.

4. Sour Shredded Potatoes
Materials: 2 median-size potatoes (for 4-6 people), a red pepper and a green pepper (spicy both), a garlic clove, salt, vinegar, chicken powder.
Cooking Procedures:
a. Shred the potatoes and the peppers, soak the shred potatoes, peel off of skin of the garlic clove and cut it up.
b. Heat the pan until it gets try and put enough oil in it, quick-fry the mashed garlic when the oil gets hot, then fry the shredded potatoes together, add some salt and continue to fry for one minute, and then add the shredded pepper.
c. Keep frying it for about 5 minutes and add some vinegar, stir it well, then add dome chicken powder and remove the food into the plate.

5. Spicy Cola Chicken Wings
Materials: some pairs of chicken wings, cola, aniseed, salt, chicken powder, soy sauce, cooking wine, shallot, ginger, garlic.
Cooking Procedures:
a. make some cuts on the surface of the wings for seasoning, then pickle the wings in a bowl with soy sauce and cooking wine for some one hour.
b. Heat the pan until it gets try and put enough oil in it, fry the cut ginger and garlic when the oil get hot, then turn down the heat and put the wings (without the pickled liquid) into the pan and fry them, stir them from time to time.
c. When both sides of the wings get golden, turn the heat down and remove the oil out, then add enough coca to cover the wings, add some salt and aniseed. Lid the pan with moderate heat.
d. When all of the coca in the pan evaporates, add chicken powder and cut shallot. Remove the cooked food into the plate.

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