China City Tours

China has some of the most incredible tourist destinations on earth. Our city tours aim to show the fantastic sites offered in each Chinese city. In the meantime, we make a point to let you witness the people and culture in every city. All of our China city tours can be taken individually, or be combined to create the tours of your dreams. We strive to make sure each of our China tours truly unforgettable and bring you memories that last a lifetime.

Top 10 Cities

Beijing Tours

Immerse in numerous places of historic interest and cultural heritage in capital of China.

Xi'an Tours

Explore the ancient capital city in China with Terracotta Army as a representative attraction.

Shanghai Tours

Visit an international metropolis where Chinese traditions and western civilizations meet.

Guilin Tours

Relax in a city with beautiful sceneries reputed as the best under heaven and colorful cultures.

Chengdu Tours

See giant pandas, taste local snacks...experience the leisured life in the Land of Abundance.

Guangzhou Tours

Discover historical and cultural heritage in the Commercial City for Thousands of Years.

Hong Kong Tours

Touch the Pearl of the Orient and enjoy your time at this paradise for shopping.

Huangshan Tours

Climb the Yellow Mountain, stroll in ancient will find a colorful city in China.

Suzhou Tours

Feast your eyes on the pagodas, lakes, small stone bridges... in the City of Gardens.

Hangzhou Tours

Find how could it be referred as "the most beautiful and magnificent city in the world".