Beer Fish (Pijiu Yu)-typical food of Yangshuo

2010-01-28China Food

Guilin is famous in the world while Yangshuo is famous in Guilin. As a special cuisine of Yangshuo, Beer fish has been heard by visitors for long. The Beer Fish of Yangshuo wins its reputation owing to its unique cooking method. As a result, Yangshuo Beer Fish becoming excellent symbols of Yangshuo with its beautiful natural landscapes.

Both the materials and cooking method of Pijiu Yu are well managed. The chose fish mainly weights 1 to 1.5 kilograms and the wild carp and Mandarin fish are good choices. Cut the fish into two halfs without scraping the scales first and then fried the fish till it turns golden on both sides and the scales roll up while the shape of fish is still well-preserved. Then put the cooked garnishes in the pot and cook the fried fish and garnishes with Liquan Beer (the beer is used as water) until only 20% of soup is left (to have the soup with rice is also quite delicious). The key point to make Beer Fish is the heat control: use high heat first and then low heat until the fish turns yellow gradually and becomes several big pieces.
Finally, it's time to taste the legendary Beer Fish (Pijiu Yu). The scales of fish are still connected after cooking. Grasping one piece of fish with chopsticks, you can see the white, fresh and tender meat under the scales, which taste tender and delicious. And you can not get enough of it! The adversities in the streets of Yangshuo are as many as its restaurants and the beer fish in Da Shifu(大师傅), Xijie Chuanren(西街传人), Yi Kuai Wa(一块瓦), Xie Dajie(谢大姐), Xie Sanjjie(谢三姐), Peng Dajie(彭大姐), Chen Dajie(陈大姐) Restaurant taste great. If you had the chance to Yangshuo, do not miss the chance to have a delicious Beer Fish dinner, which would never let you down!

--- By Haphine (VisitOurChina)




Can't wait to have a taste. Seems wonderful!