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Spring Festival-the most important festival in China

2010-02-05 | Cultures | Comments(2) Views(1494)

We have many kinds of customs in China during Spring Festival (new year in Chinese lunar calendar). Usually, we stick New Year scrolls on the gates, hang laterns at the door, set off firecrackers and have dumpling dinner on New Year's Eve. We stay up late or all night on New Year's Eve, which we call "Shousui" (to keep the passing year and welcome the new year). Then we pay new year calls on the first day of the new year and visit our relatives and friends.

There are many activities during Spring Festival days, such as Spring Festival Gala, temple fairsand lion dance. Spring Festival is the most popular festival in China because we always have some days off to have a family reunion or visit our old friends. Chidrens usually have new clothes to wear and delicious food to taste. Parents are happy to see childrens after a long time of sepration. Red color can be seen everywhere, which represents happy in China. Every one in China cheerful to meet the coming new year.

We have days off during Feb. 13-Feb.19 this year. No matter you spend the festival or not, we wish you could have a happy 2010 tiger year and good luck always!

--- By Haphine (VisitOurChina)



Happy New Year Haphine! Happy New Year for All.

All the best to you!