Xi'an-Dream to the Mysterious Ancient Times

2009-12-21China travel Guide

Xi’an, the Chang’an in ancient times, stands along the Huaihe River and tells the story that has passed away for thousands of years.Xi’an, silent and firm, faces the Wei River and is backed by the Qinling Mountains, where lots of prestigious person-Emperor Huangdi, Emperor Wuding of Han Dynasty, Emperor Wuzetian of Tang Dynasty…gathered.


It was in Tang Dynasty that the fairy poet-Libai wrote thousands of poems to praise the flourishing period. Splendid yesterday, beautiful stories, dances of Kung-sun, painting of General Cao Ba… only left the relics here in Xi’an. Uncountable scholars lingered around the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Every bricks of the long city wall must have witnessed the great changes of this city...

Old-aged and delicate designs and decoration of the buildings, beautiful words on the steles, graceful movements of the dancers in the Tang Paradise, dignified statues of religious figures, vivid characters in Terracotta Warriors and Horses…all recording the trace of Chinese cultural roots: Chinese Ancestry, Pioneering Zhou and Qin Dynasty, Prestiged Han Dynasty, Flourishing Tang Dynasty, Stagnating and Declining Ming and Qing…     

--- By Haphine (VisitOurChina)



If I could return to the past, I choose to return to Tang Dynasty. So mysterious.