Yellow Ginkgo Leaves Trip

2009-12-17Life in Guilin

On Sunday, I was with full of expectation and curiosity to start my trip to Haiyang town which is located in east part of Guilin area, about 40 kilometers far away from Guilin city. The regular buses between Guilin city and Haiyang town are available daily from early morning to late evening, the bus trip just takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to Haiyang, so, it is very convenient to get there. Also, the bus ticket price is very cheap, just RMB7 per way, you do not need wait too long for the bus, very frequent for the shuttle.

Haiyang town is not a big town, there is only main street in the town, some little villages around it. The Datongmuwan village is famous for aggregative yellow ginkgos, so, that is the destination. Travelers get off bus in Haiyang town, have to walk about 20 minutes to the village. Please notice the country road is too dusty, it is better to wear sports shows or wear some mask if possible. On the way to Datongmuwan village, you will pass by a Buddhism temple, it is very religious and believed for local people, even some people drive cars to here to pray. The burning incense is very hot here, the Buddhism religion is a big part for local people’s life.
Passed some wild field and hills, you can arrive at the village. At the entrance of village, you can just find a big ginkgo tree. It is a very good point to take photos.

When you come into the village, it seems you are in a yellow sea, the golden yellow ginkgo leaves are full of your eyes. The bright yellow color is just like the style of Director Zhangyimou. Walking in the old village, you are like in the Shangri-la, everything is tranquil and peaceful. Now the people working in big city, feel more and more pressure and worries, it is a good choice to go countryside and release your soul or sprite. In particular, the main industry in Haiyang town is agriculture, no any pollution, you can breath pure and fresh air there, it is really enjoyable and recovered.

In the village around by lots of yellow ginkgo, I can not help taking lots of photos. The best time to enjoy the yellow ginkgo leaves, it is in the middle of November. Do not go too early or late, otherwise, the leaves are too green or withered. By the way, the fruit of ginkgo is very useful and healthy as Ginkgo is a living fossil. Local people like the fruit very much, they always cook chicken or duck coup with it, very tasty!

Wandering the zigzag road, the time seems to stop, the relaxing old man sitting in the sunshine, naughty boys with big smiles, hard-working young men, you are like the audience to enjoy a lifelike movie….

As time goes by, it is late afternoon, I have to go back to Guilin city although I really do not want to leave. With the beautiful sunset, the whole village is in glory of yellow and makes it more beautiful. I think I will come back to visit it again for sure.



¡Me gustar mucho el vida del campo,especialmente en el Otoño!