Guilin/Yangshuo Li River Cruise by Speedboat

2010-10-20Life in Guilin

For the most classic and popular Guilin Li River cruise tour, the regular boats just start from Mopanshan dock or Zhujiang dock, after sailing 3-4 hours to Yangshuo. Passengers can enjoy one table lunch or buffet lunch on the cruise. For the regular cruise, there is a certain condition, travelers have to arrive in Guilin earlier, then catch the daily morning cruise, the boat schedule is fixed very well, no change or delay at all.

So, if your schedule is not right for the regular Li River cruise, you have no chance from Guilin to Yangshuo by boat? The answer is "NO", you can take the speedboat instead. The cruise by speedboat is more enjoyable and interesting. This cruise starts from Chuanshan bridge of Guilin city, it means the cruise is much longer than regular boat cruise, but the cruise just takes about 3 hours to Yangshuo. For the speedboat, there are two kinds for your choice, 4 seats or 7 seats, the price is also competitive than regular boat. I highly recommend you take speedboat for Li River Cruise if your time in Guilin is short or tight.

On last weekend, I experienced the Li River cruise by speedboat, it was an amazing trip especially we had a nice weather involved. We left Guilin city at 1:30PM, then went ahead the cruise with lots of breathtaking & picturesque sceneries. On the cruise, you can find lots of local people fishing on the river with their own little bamboo boat. When the speedboat pass them, the captain especially slow down, we really do not want to disturb their quiet atmosphere or scare the fishes. When you see their fishing, you can understand the life can be so simple and peaceful. Besides, the view on Li River with fishing, it looks extremely harmony and charming. Along the cruise, you can also find many animals enjoying their life in Li River. For example, the water buffalo swimming or bathing in the river, or walking at the bank or small island. And the elegant egrets resting on the river rock or flying in a crew upper the river. I even saw a eagle circling the hills, it is very rare to see eagles on the cruise, I think I was lucky. And groups of ducks leisurely foraging, the cruise never scare them at all, the river is their world. Overall, the animals in Li River make the river more colorful, they are indispensable for the cruise. The trip provided an opportunity to see nature in all its glory, creating a memory to be cherished for life.

The reflections created by the waters of the Li River are one of its finest characteristics. As Li River is not a big river, the peaceful river is just like a mirror reflecting all green hills, white clouds and blue sky. The boat sailing on the green waters, you just traveling in a uninterrupted painting. On either side of the river are sheer limestone cliffs that enhance the overall experience. And flexible phenix-tail bamboos are also highlight sceneries. During the whole cruise, the most breathtaking is between Yangdi and Xingping. The natural scenery is like a Chinese style painting outspreading on your eyes, you can not help enjoying the daedal hills. In Xingping scenic area, you can even find the Chinese RMB20 currency picture, so it is also a popolar place for making RMB Bank Notes Tour in China. And the most famous Nine Horses Painted Cliff is a also must-see. After Xingping, all hills get flatter, after 30 minutes, the speedboat arrived in Yangshuo. Yangshuo is not the end, it is just a beginning, the West Street, Impression Sanjie Liu Show, Cycling Countryside Tour, Cormorant Fishing Show, Silver Cave, etc are waiting for you to explore.

Li River Cruise is a big treasure for Guilin tour, we are proud we have the most beautiful river view under the heaven. We warmly welcome every traveler from China and abroad to enjoy the Li River Cruise with us-VisitOurChina.

--- By Sandy Ren (Visit Our China)



Li River's beautiful with so many mountains, interesting.


Hi Doris, I would love to attend the Lunch Bunch and Harbor Cruise (I assmue this is the right way to reply? If not, let me know!). Many thanks to our wonderful webmaster for this gorgeous website! See you all soon, Sara Rex


Hi. we are two adults and three kids aged 7,7, and 4. We would like to go from Guilin to Yangshuo on a speedboat. We live in China, so do not need a fancy foreigner experience. Just the basic fast one-way trip. How much would it be for our family? We will have a suitcase too. Thanks, Elizabeth


Hi, My wife and me are flying into Guilin airport tomorrow (2 April)and will arrive at approx 3pm. We'd like to take the speed boat to Yangshuo as our hotel is located there. Could we please book 2 spaces - how much will this cost us? Please let us know details including your contact details. Thanks. Gerry