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Here we share all sorts of China travel news. We offer news on sites, Chinese culture, Chinese history, restaurants, and so much more. We hope that you find this interesting, and if you are planning a China tour, that it helps with your plans. If you have any questions on the information you find in our China news, or on China travel, please feel free to contact us. Our team will do everything in its power to assist you.

Xi'an to Open Its First Subway Soon2011-07-27

Xinhua, July 26, 2011 Xi'an, capital city of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, is scheduled to start its first subway in late August or early September, local authorities said Monday. Xi'an i...

Badaling Great Wall Outdoor Film Festival Opens2011-07-27

CRI, July 26, 2011 As part of the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, the Badaling Great Wall Film Festival opened on July 23rd, 2011. The month-long event will sc...

Tibet Re-starts Travel Service from July 26th, 20112011-07-26

To guarantee a smooth 60th anniversary celebration of liberation, Tibet Autonomous Region planned to suspend the local travel service from June to July. After afestivity of nearly two months, now ...

An Industrial District with A Foreign Influence2011-07-25

CRI, July 25, 2011 The cherished memories of a city can often be found in the well-worn street communities, which reflect the city's historical roots as well as traditional ways of life. As the...

Macao's Free WiFi Service Expands to 83 Locations2011-07-22

Xinhua, July 20, 2011 Macao's free wireless Internet access is set to be increased by 23 places Monday, making the WiFi-GO service available in a total of 83 places around the city, according to t...

S China's Island Province Receives More Foreign Tourists in H12011-07-22

Xinhua, July 21, 2011 The number of overseas tourists visiting south China's tropical island of Hainan grew 12 percent year-on-year to 383,800 from January to June, the province's tourism commissi...

Chinese Ecotourism Has Yet to Fully Blossom2011-07-20

Xinhua, July 19, 2011 Ecotourism has been part of household vocabularies in China for years. However, one expert believes that the concept still has a long way to go in China, because most domesti...

Tranquility along the Path Well Traveled2011-07-18

China Daily, July 14, 2011 Suzhou City of Jiangsu Province can be disconcerting for many first-time visitors. You've come for the city's well-known classical gardens, but many of them are packed w...

Heilongjiang Fest Promises Adventure and Music2011-07-15

China Daily, July 13, 2011 The 11th Heilongjiang Forest Ecological Tourism Festival, is now operating in Yichun, Heilongjiang province, and will end on Aug 31. It opened on July 5 with an orche...

China Eastern Airlines Launches New Client Service2011-07-15

China, July 13, 2011 Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines revealed Tuesday that it will cooperate with Hongqiao airport to launch a new departure system that aims to make travel between Beijing a...

China to Establish West Lake Cultural Heritage Monitoring Center2011-07-13

Xinhua, July 12, 2011 China will set up a cultural heritage monitoring and management center to further protect West Lake after it was listed as a world heritage last month, a local official said....

Gateway Street in Guangdong2011-07-13

CRI, July 12, 2011 Taiping road in Chaozhou city of south China's Guangdong Province, also named 'Paifang Jie' or 'gateway street' because of the 20 historic gateways lined along the street. Mos...

Beijing Promotes Its Hi-tech Tours2011-07-11

Wang Zhiyong China, July 8, 2011 Traveling in today's fast-paced city of Beijing requires incorporating both historical techniques and inspirational modern updates. On July 5, local officials j...

China Pavilion to Reopen to Visitors2011-07-11

Xinhua, July 8, 2011 The China Pavilion of Shanghai Expo expects crowds to teem through its doors when it reopens on July 12 in the sweltering summer heat. The pavilion will be open to public fo...

Shenzhen Boasts Alluring Scenery2011-07-08

China Daily, July 7, 2011 In this southern bustling city, people can not only find skyscrapers but also fine destinations for vacation, shopping and night life. Located in a sub-tropical maritim...

Second Zhongguancun Sci-Ed Tourism Fest Launched2011-07-08

People's Daily Online, July 8, 2011 The second Zhongguancun Science and Education Tourism Festival was started today, and four new tour routes were announced at the opening ceremony. The festival w...

Finnair to Launch Its First Helsinki-Chongqing Flight2011-07-08

Global Times, July 7, 2011 Finnair, one of the world's oldest operating airlines, has announced that it will start a direct flight from Helsinki to Chongqing from May 2012, the Xinhua News Agency r...

Macao Proposes to Ban Bars in Residential Buildings2011-07-06

Xinhua, July 4, 2011 Macao Government Tourist Office (MGTO) has launched a public consultation for the administrative regulation that regulates hotels, restaurants and bars, in which bars will not ...

Cultural Events: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao2011-07-06

China Daily, July 5, 2011 Beijing - Musical symphony To usher in the summer, the Beijing Concert Hall will stage concerts for young people. To kick off the program, Fan Tao, chief conductor of t...

China's First Tyrannosaurus Museum Opens in East Province2011-07-04

Xinhua, July 2, 2011 China's first tyrannosaurus museum opened to the public in east Shandong Province on Friday, receiving thousands of visitors on its first day. Covering 30,000 square meters,...

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