China Eastern Airlines Launches New Client Service

created: 2011-07-15

China, July 13, 2011   
Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines revealed Tuesday that it will cooperate with Hongqiao airport to launch a new departure system that aims to make travel between Beijing and Shanghai more convenient for passengers.
The system, Angel Music, will store passenger information and keep track of real-time updates to allow staff to provide passengers with more personalized client services, the airline said. It added that tickets will automatically be reissued to passengers when weather conditions cause delays.
According to Luo Anping, a press officer for China Eastern, the new client service is simply being offered to improve quality and comfort for passengers during their flights.
Airlines serving the Beijing-Shanghai route have been trying to entice customers since the start of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail on June 30, a move that was projected to split 20 percent of air travelers between the two cities, but insiders say the rate is less than the estimate.

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