Fujian Establishes Goals for Cultural Tourism Industry

created: 2010-06-30

Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau has made a draft of "Development Plan for Fujian Province Cultural Tourism 2010-2012".

In 2010 Fujian province will consolidate the achievements of national AAAAA-level scenic areas like Mount Wuyishan and Gulangyu Island, accelerate the construction of Taining Scenic Area and Putian Meizhou Island as AAAAA-level tourist attractions, drive forward the construction of Changting red tourism buildings and Shaxian snack city as AAAA-level tourist attractions, and support Maritime Silk Road and Gulangyu Island in their application for World Heritage status.

In 2011, Fujian will reinforce the development of cultural tourism products. In 2012, there will be 50 A-level tourist attractions featuring cultural tourism, of which 20 will be AAAA and AAAAA-level.

According to the Plan, Fujian will build eight cultural tourism areas, separately featuring Min Nan culture, Hakka culture, red culture, Mindu culture, Matsu culture, Fujian Tulou, She culture, and Zhu Xi.

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