Lhasa to construct 10 major tourism projects next decade

created: 2010-06-11

Potala Palace

At an appraisal meeting in Beijing, Lhasa revealed that it would concentrate on constructing 10 major tourism projects in the coming decade.

According to the "2010-2020 General Plan of Tourism Development in Lhasa", the 10 major tourism projects are: Barkhor Street, a national historical street block; the Namco National Ecological Park; Lhasa River, the national cultural ecotourism corridor; the Tunmi Range, a national demonstrative base of the ethnic cultural tourism industry; Cijiao Forest, a national plateau ecological holiday resort; the "Digital Potala Palace", a virtual tour center; the Heaven Road Theme Park; the Yangbajing Geothermal Spa Town; Jiamagou, the hometown of Songtsen Gampo and the Natural Ecological Tour Zone of Black-necked Cranes in Linzhou County.

In addition, in order to fully display the various intangible cultural heritage sites in Lhasa and effectively promote the protection, inheritance and utilization of these intangible cultural heritage sites, the plan also put forward the "Tibetan Double Festivals."

It is expected that the annual amount of tourists visiting Lhasa will reach 15 million and total annual tourism income will reach 24 billion Yuan by 2020. Meanwhile, the tourism industry will directly attract 100,000 workers, including 40,000 farmers and herdsmen, and the average annual per capita income of farmers and herdsmen in the tourism industry will reach 30,000 Yuan. As a result, Lhasa will achieve the stature of an international tourism city.


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