Focus on Expo 2010 Shanghai: preview the future through an innovation tour

created: 2010-05-06

If you want to find out what your life will be like in future, come and visit the Youth Innovation Exhibition at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.

Built on the theme of "enjoying future life", the interactive exhibition focuses on transport, mobile communication, energy sources, environment, health, construction and education.

Visitors can get a preview of their future homes, as well as potential scientific developments, while touring seven rooms filled with curiosities.

Curious visitors stopped and crowded around a cup-shaped device as soon as they stepped into the first room. The novel device is able to detect how much water the body requires at present.

"Just put your hand on the metal ring surrounding the device's body for several seconds; it will figure out the precise volume of water you need to drink by measuring the temperature and humidity of your palm" a guide explained, showing visitors how it works.

Further along, visitors were surprised to discover that a normal-looking mirror can actually help users pick what clothes to wear.

"If you look in the mirror for a short time, options will appear in the glass. Then you can use it in the same way you operate a computer. First, click on you gender, then choose the age group you belong to. After that, the mirror will show you clothes it thinks are most suitable for you. It can also change the colour of the clothes based on your orders."

In another room, there was a table lamp that can change its colour based on signals, and a robot with the ability to play football.

The interesting inventions were popular with youngsters. Gong Ye, a college student from Shenyang in northeast Liaoning Province, came to the Expo with her grandmother. She said the exhibition was impressive.

"Like many others born in the 1980s, I am interested in those portable computers, phones and MP3 players that are capable of fast internet access wherever we are. Besides, I also like those clothes made from certain chemical materials."

Yin Tong, from Shanghai's Fudan University, looks forward to one day having a computer that can function in 3D.

"I want to have a 3D computer. Then, when I wear the special glasses, I can enjoy the 3D version of Avatar at home."

All the exhibits will be indexed in a database of innovation after the Expo, which is expected to boost the use of these novel products among Chinese youths.


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