Taizhou Becomes New Ecotourism Landmark for Yangtze River Delta

created: 2010-05-06

Situated at the west of the AAAA-level Qin Lake National Wetland Park, OCT Taizhou in Jiangsu province was opened in late April 2010 to become a new ecotourism landmark in the Yangtze River Delta.

OCT Taizhou is a key program of OCT Group's second round of development of its tourism business in China. According to Jian Di'an, the deputy general manager of OCT Taizhou Company it is also a beginning in the ecotourism area for the group. Taking advantages of Qin Lake's wetlands, hot springs, river system, and Buddhist cultural resources, OCT Taizhou is a high-end eco-holiday destination for hot spring vacations, wit a wetland sports park, hotel business, and the ancient Shengshou Temple.

Six major projects have opened already, including Yunhai Hot Sring that is said to be "the top wetland hot spring in China" Yunhai, a hot spring hotel featured drama, a waterfront business street with branded business boutiques, Yunhai Wetland Sports Park, a water sightseeing route, and waterfront luxury villas.

As described by Jian Di'an, OCT Taizhou is positioned as an upscale ecotourism resort with six major functions: hot spring vacations, recreation and sports, star-rated hotels, business meetings, the ancient Shengshou Temple, and featured real estate. The whole program is divided into three phases and will be wholly completed by 2014. It is expected to promote Taizhou's tourism development and to improve the city's annual tourist reception capacity to 1.5 million to two million.


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