Changzhou Sets Up Tourism Promotion Center

created: 2010-02-03

The Changzhou Tourism Promotion Center and Changzhou Chunqiu International Tourism Plaza opened on the same day in downtown Changzhou, Jiangsu province.

The Changzhou Tourism Promotion Center is the window to display Changzhou's tourism image and resources to citizens and tourists; and information about scenic spots, hotels, dining, and shopping can all be found there. The center will develop and promote tourist products and routes, organize promotional events, and assist in tourism promotion and festivals.

The Changzhou Chunqiu International Tourism Plaza has special areas such as theme pavilions, scenery display area, and a VIP negotiating area. The experiential marketing it has offered with videos, pictures, posters and Internet search enables citizens to start their travel experience from the moment they have registered.

Changzhou has set up several tourism related programs to boost the construction of a tourism public service platform system, including the tourism information center, a tourist consulting center, a tourist bus center, call centers, a tourist product research and development center, and a tourist products market. The new Changzhou Tourism Promotion Center will offer butler services and information services to domestic and foreign tourists together with the other six centers.

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