Shandong wants to put tourists in the driver's seat

created: 2010-02-03

A proposed master plan for Shandong Self-Drive Tours, drawn up by the Shandong Provincial Tourism Planning and Design Institute, has been approved and will be implemented soon.

The first self-drive tour master plan in a Chinese province, this plan will be fully implemented over the period from 2010 to 2020.

According to the plan Shandong will set up over 180 auto camps to international standards, covering all 17 cities in the province. Of these, 80% of the camps will be built near scenic spots and tourist resorts and the other 20% will be located at destinations on freeways or in areas with beautiful scenery and will offer services including fuel, lodging, auto repair, and tourist information.

Currently Shandong doesn't have any auto camps that meet international standards. Shandong Tourism Administration will issue other relevant documents to regulate self-drive tours in the province.

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