China Eastern Airlines Increase Flights from Xi’an to Five Cities

created: 2012-06-11

VisitOurChina, June 11, 2012
The branch office of China Eastern Airlines (CEA) in Xi’an has newly introduced airbus A320 planes, which contributed to increased round-trip flights from Xi’an to five cities, Yulin of Shaanxi Province, Jiayuguan of Gansu Province, Jiuzhaigou of Sichuan Province, Ningbo of Zhejiang Province and Yangzhou of Jiangsu Province from June 8 to October 27.
With new launched flights, the flights from Xi’an to Yulin are increased to 6 from 4 each day, the routes to Jiayuguan and Jiuzhaigou are increased from 1 to 2 everyday, and the routes to Ninbgbo and Yangzhou are new opened.

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