HNA to develop scenic area in Hainan

created: 2008-10-23

HNA Group said that the Baoting HNA Tourism Development Company has signed a management agreement with the Baoting government for the development of Qixianling National Hot Spring Forest Park in Hainan.

The agreement includes the Bacun Folk Cultural Scenic Area and the Maogan Scenic Area.

According to the agreement, Baoting HNA Tourism Development Company will be responsible for the overall planning, tourism facilities and supporting infrastructure construction of the attraction. The effective period of operation and management will be 30 years, from October 2008 through to October 2038.

Qixianling National Hot Spring Forest Park is located on the northeast of Baoting county, and is one of major attraction development projects in Hainan province. Hainan is also applying for it to be listed as one of the priority development projects in the Chinese tourism sector.

HNA Group said that it will invest billions of yuan in building-up the attraction,combining leisure, recreation, and residence facilities, to at least the national 4A levels.

(China Hospitality News October 22, 2008)

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