Jingdezhen Attraction

Read the following introductions for attractions in Jingdezhen. You will know the top attractions there and you can also get to know the city attractions by category.

Famous Ancient Towns

Fuliang Ancient City

Renowned for its porcelain tea-culture and originally constructed in Tang Dynasty and was added to over the course of successive dynasties, Fuliang AncientCity has been systematically divided into 8 quadrants basing on the Chinese Eight Diagrams theory with a city wall that spans 20km and stands at over 1.5m high.


Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum

Of all cities that make ceramic in China, Jingdezhen has been outshining others and acknowledged as City of Ceramic with a history over 1700 years. With the rarest and most beautiful ceramic artifacts being stored, the Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum totals 2400 works stretching over 5 dynasties on display.