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Ji'an of Jiangxi travel guide

Ji'an of Jiangxi travel guide

Ji'an in Chinese means lucky and peace. Ji'an city is located in the center of Jiangxi Province and belonging to the 11 prefecture-level cities of Jiangxi. Constructed in the Qin Dynasty Ji'an has a long and rich history as well as a pristine natural environment; it is also known among communist folk lore as hot bed of early revolutionary activity at the beginning of the early 20th century and in 1927 was where Mao Zedong and his top general Zhu De first established the charter of the Communist Party. Aside from its proud revolutionary history the city is also popular for the unique natural ecosystem that surrounds it. The tourist resources of Ji'an are plenty, including red (revolutionary sites), green (natural landscapes) and ancient ones (historical relics). The especially popular revolutionary sites include Mt. Jinggangshan (the No.1 mountain in the world), Sanwan Bay, Donggu, etc. Ji'an possesses picturesque sceneries with a forest covering rate up to 66%. The historical relics of Ji'an is also attractive, including Luling cultural relics, Wen Tianxiang Memorial Museum, Ouyang Xiu Memorial Hall and Xiyang Palace. Mt. Jinggangshan,... More information about Ji'an of Jiangxi »

Top Attractions in Ji'an of Jiangxi

Jinggang Mountain

Jinggang Mountain

Consisting of four peaks and covered with dense and rich forest, rugged peaks, deep dark gullies and craggy ridges, Jinggang Mountain is famous in the country not only for unique and wondrous ecosystems but also as one of the important and significant mountains in the history of Chinese Communist.

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Longtan Waterfall

Longtan Waterfall

Located some 7 kilometers north to Ziping City, Jiangxi Province, Longtan Waterfalls are famous for its beautiful scenery consisting of 5 pools and 18 waterfalls, of which the first pool is the largest with a fall of 67 meters and the fifth is the prettiest with a natural diving platform.

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