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Hezhou in brief Located at the junction of the three provinces, Guangxi, Guangdong and Hunan, Hezhou is a time-honored city in northeast Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 217 kilometers west of Guilin (2.5 hours drive) and 166kilometers south of Wuzhou in the region (1.5 hours drive). Hezhou City has 2 urban districts of Babu and Pinggui, 2 counties of Zhongshan and Zhaoping, and 1 autonomous county, the Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County. Owing to its superior geographic position and environmental advantages, Hezhou is a famed tourist city for natural beauty, historical culture and unique ethnic customs, receiving most tourists every year just second to Guilin in Guangxi, as well as a blooming city prosperous in mining industry, power industry, turpentine, tobacco and agricultural industry. History of Hezhou A tourist city with natural beauty and deep historical and cultural background Hezhou has a long history over 2100 years since He County was officially set up in 111BC by the Emperor Wudi (156BC- 87BC) of Han Dynasty (202BC- 220AD). As well as other cities in Guangxi, Hezhou is a city with beautiful landscape, charming ethnic customs, profound historical culture and simp...More information about Hezhou »

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