Hezhou Cuisine

Thanks to its preferable location at the junction of Guangxi, Guangdong and Hunan provinces, Hezhou City collects all the delicious dishes and snacks of the three provinces. Restaurants here mainly serve the Cantonese cuisine which is compatible with famous Sichuan dishes, Hunan dishes and Shangdong dishes. Famed delicacies include braised pork, cattle’s blood, and pumpkin flowers within meat stuffing.

Pickled snacks can be found anywhere in the streets and lanes in the city which is a most specialty of the city. Everything can be eaten are pickled here. Except the ordinary radish, Chinese cabbage and cucumber, apple, plum, pear, peach, all kinds of vegetables, lotus root and even the watermeion peels are all pickled by people. Rice noodles (米粉) are also the daily snacks for Hezhou people; flavors are rich in Guilin flavor, Liuzhou Flavor, Nanning flavor, hot and sour seasoning, and also combine with beef offal, dog meat and sirloin. Other snacks include Fenjiao (粉角, rice sheets within stuffing), Changfen (肠粉, steamed vermicelli roll), glutinous rice dumplings within radish, zongzi (粽子) of all kinds flavors, Siberian cocklebur, Tangyuan (汤圆, a kind of rice dumpling within sweet stuffing), vivipara in sour flavor and made in all kinds of cooking ways like stew and stir-fry, and porridges cooked with kinds of meat or vegetables.

Hezhou specialties include green plums, three-yellow chickens (三黄鸡) of Xindu, watermelon seeds of Babu, Jiupu cordiale wine (九铺香酒) of Gupo Mountain, taros, water-chestnut, Chinese grapefruit and tea of Zhaoping , preserved plums (话梅) and oil tea of Zhongshan, navel oranges and buffalos of Fuchuan, and so on.