Guyuan Attraction

Read the following introductions for attractions in Guyuan. You will know the top attractions there and you can also get to know the city attractions by category.

Buddhist Caves/Grottos

Xumi Mountain Grottoes

55 kilometers apart from the north of Guyuan City, the Xumi Mountain is a scenic resort with over 100 different small, hidden cave structures. The whole mountain area is a maze of gorges, valleys and mountains with natural erosion creating countless number of hidden caves. In the ancient time, t...

Historical Relics

Guyuan Great Wall

The Yellow River along with the Yangtze River are the two main cradles of Chinese civilization, the richest areas of Chinese culture and history all follow the flow of these two great rivers. The Great Wall is one of the most remarkable achievements of ancient Chinese civilization and it meets t...


Guyuan Museum

The Guyuan Museum was established to collect ethnic treasures and artifacts that trace back through the history of the Silk Road. It is the largest museum in Southern Ningxia, with a considerable collection of culturally important treasures, going as far back as the Paleolithic age. Opened in 1...

Natural Attractions

Liangdian Gorge

Liangdian Gorge literally translates into Chinese as The Cool Gorge and is located 20 kilometers south of Jingyuan County. Here the uneven terrain rises and dips creating a deep gorge that stretches for 10 kilometers, with a clear stream running along its base. The gorge is also home to large gr...


Qiuqianjia Rack

The Qiuqianjia Rack is located 10 kilometers to the north of Jingyuan County and is home to the famous Kong Tong Mountain tourist resort. Here, beneath the mountain rests are deep gorge which inside contains a perfect symmetrical rock frame which seems to resemble a rack, hence the name. Legend...