Qiuqianjia Rack

The Qiuqianjia Rack is located 10 kilometers to the north of Jingyuan County and is home to the famous Kong Tong Mountain tourist resort. Here, beneath the mountain rests are deep gorge which inside contains a perfect symmetrical rock frame which seems to resemble a rack, hence the name. Legend claims that one a heroine of the ancient Song Dynasty used to play on a swing here and the rack is all the remains of her; according to the tablet inscription in the Kong Tong Mountain, the Guangchengzi, one of the Chinese immortals, had ever spent his time on the Qiuqianjia Rack.


The ancient and bizarre rock formations brings visitors from all over China, in the spring and summer months peaches blossom filled the gorge with a sweet and robust fragrance, adding to the beauty and wonder of the rack itself.

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