Urban and Rural Areas of China

The People's Republic of China’s urbanization is without any doubts the quickest one ever seen in the world. Since the implementation of reforms and opening policies, the country has seen a huge increasing of its urban population at the expense of the rural one, decreasing more and more as turning to bigger cities for jobs and better living conditions. Today in China, about 94% of the population live on 46% of the land, the east and coastal parts of the country are densely occupied while the west remains a land of large-scale plains and mountains. With a growing population, China is developing and constructing more and more housings, buildings and transportation networks at the expense of agricultural lands decreasing more and more. Moving from a rural to an urban economy, the most populous country on earth is the place where next century’s biggest change is going to happen.
a. Ways of Living
In China, ways of living are totally different in urban areas and rural areas. Generally, people in cities lead an intensive life but enjoy a higher quality of life. The life in rural areas is usually easy and comfortable with fresh airs and fresh food without noise and pollutions. People can build their house in large size with a little sum of money in countries, while the housings in cities are comparatively smaller and in higher prices. Whereas, compared to rural areas, people in urban areas can enjoy better living facilities, e.g. transportations, hospitals, education, entertainment, etc.
b. Income and Consumption
In general, people in cities are work in offices and earn good salaries. They pay attention to the quality of life in both aspects of material and spiritual. With spare money, they will buy houses in residential quarter, buy cars to replace the public transportation and travel home and abroad for relaxing.
People in rural areas live on agriculture of cultivation and breeding. According to their traditional concepts, the size and style of a house is an important symbol of statues in the area, and more children means greater fortune. Therefore, people will built or renovate their houses firstly if their have extra money, and there are at least two children in a family in rural areas. As the development of urbanization, now more and more country people move to cities to earn more money and have better education for the next generation.

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