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Chinese Calendar

 Chinese Calendar
The traditional Chinese lunar calendar is also known as the “agricultural calendar” (Chinese:农历), which is a great creation of Chinese people with its inventions of the intercalary month and the 24 solar terms. Chinese lunar calendar is gradually formed as the development of agriculture. It is the basic principle for Chinese people to predict the changes of weather in daily life, and the 24 solar terms in particular, is the key reference for the agricultural production of peasants. Nevertheless, today Chinese people use both traditional lunar calendar and western solar calendar in daily life.
As the developing of international cultural exchanges, the western constellations become more and more popular among the young generation in recent years in China, and some of them take the detailed personality analysis of constellations seriously. According to constellations, people born in different time belong to different constellations, and have distinctive personalities. The horoscopes, constellation matching and analysis in every detail are important references for many young people in all aspects of their life, for instance, their favorable colors, styles of dressing, and even the career and lover choices, and so on.

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