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Popularity of Different Music in China

Popularity of Different Music in China

Broadly, there is no definite division for the music enjoyment by different people, especially in modern society. People often enjoy different kinds of music for pleasure regardless of age and background. However, different kinds of music has its own appreciation group, for example, young people prefer popular music such as pop, rock and roll and rap; middle-aged people are fond of the Chinese folk music or some popular music praising of the nation and people; while the Chinese opera or local opera are the favorite of the aged people. In each provinces and regions, there are also different kinds of popular music, such as the Northern Shaanxi folk songs, the songs of Huaguxi Drama inHunanProvince, Xinjiang music in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the like. Most of these folk songs are sung by people national wide, but each is popular mostly with its local people. 

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