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Comment on our service from Mr.Sam A Lee, Australia
Our entire tour was smooth with no hiccups. We are happy with services rendered by Guilin Tianyuan International Travel(VisitOurChina).

Hello Sissi,
I regret not being able to respond to your request due to my long absence overseas.

Mr. Wong and I are very happy to offer you the following comments.

(1)  Xian,
Hotel Citylion
Room - The location of the hotel was ideal, centrally located, convenient walking distance to various attractions.
Breakfast - Our rating on meals is fair.
Tour guide - Chris was a good tour guide. Apart from showing us places of interest, she also introduced local
--------------cuisine such as "Moor", a kind of food popular with both Hui and Han people. We enjoyed eating them. Mr. Wong had problem with his camera, Chris went all the way to arrange having it repaired in a very short time.  We both satisfied her service.
(2)  Jinan

Hotel Zhunghao
Room - We were happy with the room condition.
Breakfast - There were a great varieties of tasty food that we enjoyed eating. Staff members at breakfast tables were attentive and offered good service
Tour guide - Ben was an elderly gentleman about our age.  He was a man of good knowledge of history.  We both learnt a lot from him.  He also introduced Shandong dishes such "smoked Tofu" and other interesting local dishes.  We rate Ben as a very capable and experienced guide.  At Qufu, he exerecised his skill and talent to convince officials on duty to allow us to stand on a spot where we had full view of Confucious' birthday ceremony.
(3)  Qufu
Hotel Sishui
Room - Condition was acceptable.
Breakfast - Food offered was reasonable and acceptable.
(4)  Nanjing
Hotel Parkview Dingshan
Room - We were happy with the room condition.  Air conditioning system worked to our satisfaction.
Breakfast - Food tasted reasonably good.
Tour guide - During our short stay, Galina showed us places as much as she possibly could.  She was an enthusiastic tour guide. She introduced to us "Salted Water Duck" a dish popular in Nanjing.
(5)  Zhangjiajie
Hotel Kaitian - We satisfied the room condition and the room temperature could be controlled to suit our desire.
Breakfast - Closing time was at 8.30am.  In our opinion this was too soon, should be extended to at least
Tour guide - Siao Dai was a young innocent man, a lot of fun to be with. He showed us places of interest even the weather was not perfect.  He was obliging and met our requests of visiting places we wanted to see and food we wanted to taste.  We have no complaint about him.

General comments
(a)  In all cases, drivers discharged their duties with professionalism.
(b)  Among all hotels that we stayed during our entire trip, we rate Zhunghao Grand Hotel at Jinan as the best of all.
(c)  Our entire tour was smooth with no hiccups. We are happy with services rendered by Guilin Tianyuan International Travel(VisitOurChina).
(d)  We would like to thank Sissi for introducing Golden Foundation of Taipei. We had a successful trip in Taiwan with them.

Thank you again, Sissi. Hope to communicate with you again some day.

All the best to you from Sam