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Your Position: Home China Tour TestimonialsRebbecca Acharya, Australia
  • Booking Code: VOC-090214-L
  • Client’s Information: Rebbecca Acharya, Australia
  • Tour Starting Date: Saturday, 14 February 2009
  • Tour Destination: Shanghai, Xi'an, Beijing
Comment on our service from Rebbecca Acharya, Australia
I was very happy and impressed with your organisation of our tour.

Dear Robbie,

Thank you very much for your email.  I had intended to write to you to give you feedback on our trip, but I've been so busy since I returned.  I would be very happy to send you some photos.  At this stage, we have downloaded it onto a CD, but I am yet to get it onto my hard-drive and send them to anybody.  I will definitely remember to send you some photos.

I was very happy and impressed with your organisation of our tour.  We had absolutely no problems with the tour guides picking us up, explaining things to us, etc.  In particular we liked our guide in Shanghai.  He was very professional, friendly and helpful.  His English was good and he was obviously very interested in his role as guide and had a lot of information for us.  We were also impressed with China overall and saw some wonderful places and things.  Thanks again so much for organising our tour.

Kind regards