4 Days Hong Kong

2009-04-08China travel Guide

Also called, the "Oriental Pearl", I was looking forward to spend 4 days in Hong Kong. Looking back I have to admit that the shopping malls, stores and small shops have been most impressing to me as a shopping freakJ. Every place I visited was full of temptations to spend my money on. Very funny was the "Ladies' Market" close to the Nathan Road (Kowloon), where buyers have to be good bargainees, too. And an impressive mall is “The Landmark”, a shopping center full of luxury stores like Prada, Tiffanys&Co or Tod’s.

From Victoria Peak it is said one has the most beautiful sight about the whole city, but unfortunately the clouds were hanging too deep when we took the peak tram (33HK$) to get up there. The only thing we saw was mist ;-). So I recommend going there when the sun is shining! Afterwards we took a taxi to get to Aberdeen and see the old houseboats. Most beautiful is the romance of the boats. We took a boat for a harbor tour, which was great (but you have to bargain with the drivers). Next stop was Repulse bay, a very tourism oriented place. You will find lots of western style restaurants with sea view there and the beach of course.

Back in the center of Hong Kong, taking the Star Ferry from Central Pear to Kowloon is great, especially when it gets dark and you see the lightened skylines on both watersides. In Kowloon, you should make a walk along the Avenue of Stars which is facing the skyline of Center district to take a picture with the statute of Jackie Chan. The lightshow of the skyscrapers, which starts at 8.00pm, is fascinating to see from here, too.

A cheap and interesting method to see Hong Kong is by the 100 years old tram which is parallel to the northern coast of the island. It is going to the west and east. Driving to the west you arrive at Western Market, a colonial style market hall with lots of little shops in it. But I also enjoyed walking through the district and experiencing the daily life of the people there.

Even more interesting was the tour to the east, to Causeway Bay. This part of the city is very Chinese-style. People were very busy hurrying from one place to another (as all over the city). After having seen the harbor, we took a taxi to Happy Valley, where we had a look at the huge Racecourse of the Jockey Club. Afterwards, the tram took us back to the center, passing along the three famous graveyards (Muslim Cemetery, Catholic Cemetery, and Colonial Cemetery). The price per usage of the tram (never mind how far you go) is 2HK$.
Concerning the food, there are good restaurants all over the city. Often you find their menu cards downstairs and then have to go upstairs. I strongly recommend tasting Dim Sum, a local specialty, usually served in the morning and afternoon. Personally, so far I had not much experience in eating with chopsticks. The first tries ended with hurting hands and soy sauce all over the table ;-) But it makes a lot of fun. For those who are skeptical concerning Asian food: I never saw as much McDonalds as in Hong Kong during all my life!



I have been to Hong Kong once, I think half or one day organised tour is enough, the rest of the time just explore by yourself! Paradise for shopping and window shopping[F]Grimace[/F]