Nandan-Tian’e Tour, a new highlight of Guangxi

2017-05-15China travel Guide

Nandan is the origin of Danquan Liquor. Located in the county seat, the winery of Danquan Liquor is the largest production base of wine spirit in Guangxi as well as a national industrial tourism demonstration site in China.

Nandan Liquor Storage Scenic Area is mainly composed of a natural cave which formed about 350 million years ago, and the cave is the biggest one for storing liquor in China. With a length of 3.3 kilometers and a developed area of some 100,000 square meters, the cave can store about 50,000 tons of liquor. The scenic area can be visited on foot or by sightseeing vehicle, and it takes about 1.5hrs on foot while about 50min by car. The cave is divided into 16 scenic spots. Liquor Jar Peerless under Heaven is the combination of the natural cave and a specially-made liquor jar. The jar is 13.9 meters high, with a maximum volume of 1,900 metric tons of liquor. Meanwhile, there are many fossil woods formed 350 million years ago in the cave.

In this 3 days tour, we will take you to some of the most popular places in Nandan and Tian’e. During the tour, you can experience the folk custom of Baiku Yao, feel the power of Longtan Hydropower Station, and enjoy the beauty of nature in Longtan Grand Canyon National Forest Park.

Day 1: Guilin / Hechi / Nandan
Transfer via: arrival Hechi by air- arranged by us (flight for reference: G52653   18:25-19:15)
Program: In the afternoon, you will be met by our local guide and transferred to Guilin Liangjiang Airport for flight to Hechi. After your arrival, you will be transferred to hotel in Nandan County of Hechi for check-in.

Day 2: Nandan / Tian’e         Meals (B,L)
Sightseeing: Baiku Yao Museum, Lihu Yao Autonomous Town, Wine Sea Cave
Program: This morning our tour will begin with a visit of Baikuyao Nationality Eco-villages. Baiku Yao is a unique branch of Yao Nationality in Nandan County, the name Baikuyao means "wearing white pants." You will take a visit to Baiku Yao Museum, the first eco-museum of Yao Nationality in China, which shows traditional culture of Baiku Yao.

Then visit Lihu Yao Autonomous Town, where you can experience the folk custom of Baiku Yao.

After lunch, we will go on our tour to visit Wine Sea Cave, a big liquor storage area, which is Guinness World Natural cellar hole.

At about 16:00pm, you will be transferred to Tian’e County for hotel check-in.

 Nandan Wine Sea Cave

Day 3: Tian’e / Hechi / Guilin        Meals (B,L)
Transfer via: depart Hechi by air- arranged by us (flight for reference: G52654   21:05-21:55)
Sightseeing: Longtan Hydropower Station, Longtan Tianhu Scenic Spot, Swallow Cave, Longtan Grand Canyon National Forest Park
Program: After breakfast, check out and you will be transferred to the Longtan Hydropower Station, which has the highest roller-compacted concrete dam in the world. The station is one of the three largest hydropower projects after the Three Gorges power station and Xiluodu power station in China. As a landmark project of China’s great western development strategy, the construction of the Longtan Hydropower Station has set three world records: the highest RCC dam in the world; the largest scale underground powerhouse; and the ship lift with the highest hoisting height.

 Underground powerhouse of Longtan hydropower Station

Then enjoy a boat tour through the Hongshui River, one of the main rivers in the basin of Xi River. There you will visit the Longtan Tianhu Scenic Spot, a lake district containing 13 reservoirs and high mountain forests.
Also, you will visit the Swallow Cave. Every spring, the beautiful and warm Longtan Tianhu Scenic Spot attracts thousands of swallows to stay in the cave, so named the Swallow Cave.
After lunch, you will arrive at our next stop Longtan Grand Canyon National Forest Park, the only national forest park in Hechi, which has a forest coverage rate of 96.41 percent.

After the tour, you will be transferred to the airport in Hechi for your flight departure.

Tian’e Longtan Grand Canyon Chuandong Swallow Cave

Although there are so many beautiful places, Nandan and Tian’e are rarely known by people, the tourism is limited to visitors in Guangxi. But now, these places have been developed well, and the transportation is in good situation. If you want to know more about Guangxi and discover something new, you may take this tour of Nandan and Tian’e.

--by Tina Zhou(VisitOurChina)