To encounter nonconventional sites in Guilin - a different but splendid tour

2014-06-26China travel Guide

When it comes to Guilin, you may figure out the elegant karst landscape of Li River, the poetic idyllic scenery in Yangshuo, the amazing winding terraced fields in Longsheng....however, Guilin and its surrounding counties offer more choices than that for a dissimilar Guilin tour other than the fixed itineraries on ads. 

1. Night Cruise on Two Rivers and Four Lakes - a fascinating night on the water

Two Rivers and Four Lakes is the tour card for Guilin. Local people believe that Li River is the essence of Guilin, while the Two Rivers and Four Lakes are the essence of Li River. To visit this exquisite water system in the city, to take a night cruise is a wise choice. The 1.5 hours cruise will lead you to a fairyland on earth.

2. Bajiao Zhai Scene Area, Ziyuan County - spectacular Danxia peak cluster

Guilin is more than graceful landscape with mighty Danxi landform in Ziyuan County, represented by Bajiao Zhai. Also named Yuntai Mountain, Bajiao Zhai stands 814 meters high and famous for its 8 rake angles on its main peak top. With over 40 square kilometers being Danxia landform, Bajiao Zhai is crowned as the spirit of Danxia with its rare growth level and grade of the kind. It has over 130 scenic spots in the attraction and the peak top offers wonders of sea of clouds and glory.

3. Drifting on Zijiang River, Ziyuan County - pass through Danxia landform with free and easy

Different from gentle and scenic Li River cruise, the 2-hour Zijiang River drifting is an exciting and unrestrained adventure pass through dense vegetation, jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, flocks of egrets and wild ducks, and the breathtaking Danxia scenery of Bajiao Zhai and Tianmen Mountain.

Tips: spring and summer is the wet season of ZIjiang River, the best time for drifting.

4. Tianmen Mountain, Ziyuan County - the essence along the ZIjiang River

Tianmen Mopuntain is the typical Danxia landform and the essence along the route of ZIjiang River drifting. Named after the gate shape on the peak top, Tianmen Mountain is enveloped by peaks and offers stunning landscape with tiers of peaks, long cable rail way, new-built footpath and frightening glass viewing deck.

5. Qin Family’s Compound, Xing’an County - tells the story of time and tide

Shuiyuantou Village, embraced by connected peaks, is picturesque with brooks, ancient stone bridge, ancient brick pagoda and unique ancient plants. It is the location of the profound Qin Family’s Compound, a family with scholars in the history and deep cultural deposits.

6. Ling Canal, Xing’an County - the ancient memory of Qin Dynasty (221-207 B.C.)

Built by China’s first feudal emperor over 2000 years ago, Ling Canal is one of the three ancient greatest water conservancy projects, and a water-front terminal connecting south China and north China still linking up Yangtze River system and the Pearl River system today. In the scenic area, visitors can see the dam, ancient sites and even take a boat travel on the canal.

7. Ancient dwellings in Yueling Village, Guanyang County

The ancient dwellings originally built in late Ming Dynasty, about 700 years ago. They are inhabited by Tang Family, a splendid family has multiplied here for 28 generations and cultivated numerous officers. The dwellings are of typical south Hunan style, with the six largest courtyards being the best preserved.

8. Primary Stone Forest in Wenshi , Guanyang County

Rest on the bank of Guan River, Wenshi Stone Forest is the typical sward-shaped karst landform with bizarre rocks of diversified postures. It is said that the forming process of Stone Forest here is more complex with more peculiar shapes than the Stone Forest in Kunming because of the higher air temperature and richer rainfall.

9. A Tale of the Elephant Trunk Hill - a perfect combination of hi-tech and natural scenery

A Tale of the Elephant Trunk Hill use the city card Elephant Trunk Hill as carrier, with hi-tech and culture creativity to create a sumptuous fairyland and a quite another thing different from the hill view of daytime. Opened up in 2012, now the show is the other optimal choice among travelers for evening entertainment apart from the night cruise on the Two Rivers and Four Lakes.

Tips: the show is divided into four sections, begins at 20:00 in the evening, and lasts for about 1 hour.

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