The Very Special "Po Hui Festival" of Miao Ethnical Minority in China’s Guangxi Province


People generally know Guilin but ignore other beauties of Guangxi Province. Actually, Guangxi offers so much more than just Guilin. The Miao Ethnical Minority villages in Rongshui County, Guangxi Province, has the very interesting “Po Hui Festival”(a popular activity for the locals to wish for good harvest through the reed-pipe wind instruments) every year, which is a kind of non-material cultural heritage that originates from nature and showed by dances, songs and various activities. During Po Hui, the Miao people will be dressed in beautiful festival clothes, gather around the big pillar with reed-pipe wind instruments, play the instruments, and enjoy performances, including their very special dance, horse riding competition and etc. It attracts many eyeballs every year from all over the world.
Today I want to introduce Po Hui in three different villages. They are the most famous ones among the villages. 
 Many people come for the festival
The first one is the Gulong (literally means ancient dragon) Po Hui in the Xiangfen Town. It is one of the grandest Po Hui and every year there are thousands of people gathering here to enjoy the festival. It falls on the 16th day of the first month in China’s lunar calender. The Gulong Po Hui is not far from the Xiangfen Town central street, so you can walk to the destination, along which you can see many stalls selling all kinds of goods, and there are many interesting games to play. The highlight here I think is the grand reed-pipe teams. It is a great place to experience authentic countryside culture of Guangxi Province.
The Horse Fight
Tips: it takes 40 minutes if drive by yourself; public bus takes you about an hour.
The second one is the Zhengdui Po Hui of the Yuanbao Village, Antai Town, which is in no large scale but really unique. Zhengdui Po Hui is held beside the Yuanbao Mountain (the third highest mountain of Guangxi Province), not far from the Xiangfen Town. The form and activities are similar with the Gulong Po Hui. But they play better reed-pipe wind instrument and offers the very special Cai Tang Dance, which is played by the very beautiful girls in their festival clothes. When the girls dance, the reed-pipe players make the wonderful music. They always make good teamwork that present people with great enjoyment. The music and dance are very wonderful. You will definitely love it.
The Cai Tang Dance
Tip: It is about 68 miles away from the county, so you’d better take a private car. 
The third one is the Anchui Seventeenth Po Hui, or Mang Hao Po Hui. The highlight here is the Mang Hao Dance which is originated from the very ancient belief of totem. It is believed that perform the Mang Hao dance during the festival can drive away the demons. The people will wear various unique masks and self-made cloaks. The huge Mang Hao people will perform among the reed-pipe instrument players, which is a little scary, but full of joy and originality.
 The huge Mang Hao People
The Spanish bullfight is very nice, but the horse-fight here is also quite impressive. The fight is very fierce and passionate. You can enjoy delicious snacks and wonderful shows here. 
Tips: There is a 21 kilometers long slope between the Anchui Town and Xiangfen Town, so be careful when you drive.
- Xavier (VisitOurChina)