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How to Read China Train Tickets

There are two types of train tickets in China, with red and blue papers. Passengers holding red-colored train tickets should go through the manual ticket checks and blue-colored ones to the automatic ticket checks. Below let's try to get the information on these China train tickets.

Different Seats on China High Speed Trains

If you do not take flight in China, high-speed trains (also called fast, bullet or CRH trains, which with a ‘bullet’ locomotive and can be easily identified) are your best option since they cover almost all large cities and most tourism destinations in China. Furthermore, these trains are spacious, clean, less noisy, with seperate smoking space, and even English-speaking attendants on the train. You can have a comfortable experience with much lower cost compared with flights.

Seats/tickets on China fast trains are generally divided into four types, i.e. business class seats, VIP class seats (on few trains), first class seats and second class seats. On a few overnight fast trains, luxury soft sleepers and soft sleepers are available. Generally people choose second class seat for it has most favourable price and also with most seats on fast train.

Some China Popular Train Routes

    • The Forbidden City
    • Tiananmen Square
    • Terracotta Army
    • Big Wild Goose Pagoda



    • Summer Palace
    • China Great Wall
    • Oriental Pearl TV Tower
    • Yuyuan Garden



    • Chen Clan Ancestral Hall
    • Canton Tower
    • Longji Rice Terraces



    • Xi'an Ancient City Wall
    • Longmen Grottoes
    • Shaolin Temple