Story of "Metal" Great Wall

(The Great Wall Stories and Legends)

In the suburb of Beijing, there exits a famous section of the Great Wall called Huang Hua Cheng (the yellow flower fortress). It was so named for the hills covered by yellow flowers in the summer.

An old story tells about the construction of this part of the wall. During the Ming dynasty, the emperor ordered a general named Cai Kai to build the Huanghuacheng Great Wall . Cai Kai paid painstaking efforts and spent several arduous years to finish this task. However, he was soon beheaded when the Emperor believed the backbites of some officials in court. Later, the emperor realized he had misunderstood Cai Kai after an official found the wall to be extraordinarily well-constructed.

Later, the emperor ordered to build a mausoleum for Cai Kai to commemorate his great project. At the same time, he had someone engrave "Jintang" (Metal Wall) into a rock to describe the sturdiness of this section of the Great Wall. Therefore, Huanghuacheng Wall is also referred to as Jintang Great Wall.

During the Second World War, the Japanese invaders tried very hard and eventually blew up one section of the Huang Hua Cheng Great Wall. The section collapsed into the lake nearby and you can still see today the Great Wall extending on both sides of the lake.

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