10 Days China Ancient City and Natural Scenery Tour with Xi'an, Beijing, Huangshan and Hangzhou

Tour Code: VOC-081031-S

Destination: Beijing, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Xi'an

Tour Starting Date: Friday, 31, October, 2008

Group Numbers: 3

Client's Information:
Joyce Ann Bell, U.S.A

Day by Day Itinerary


Day 1  Fri 31-Oct-08     Meal(s) ()   Shanghai / Huangshan

Transfer via: FM9265 2050-2150 (arranged by us) 
Program: You will go to airport in Shanghai by yourself. Arrive in Huangshan, you will be met and transferred to hotel by our local guide

Accommodations: Huangshan Huaxi Hotel***
Tel: 0559-2328000

Or (just in case):

Day 1  Fri 31-Oct-08     Meal(s) ()   Shanghai / Huangshan

Transfer via: N418   2235-1000 (soft sleeper) (arranged by us) 
Program: You will be transferred to railway station and take train to Huangshan, stay overnight on the train

Accommodations: On the train

Day 2  Sat 1-Nov-08     Meal(s) (B, L)   Huangshan

Program: Full day Mt. Huangshan tour, stay overnight on the top of Yellow Mountain

-Mt. Huangshan: Visit "The loveliest mountain in China" and see legendary places of inspiration for ancient poets and painters.Sightseeing (Beginning-to-Believing Peak, Lin Peak, Bright Summit) on the mountain.

Accommodations: Paiyunlou Hotel Huangshan***
Tel: 0559-5581558

Day 3  Sun 2-Nov-08     Meal(s) (B, L)   Huangshan / Hangzhou

Transfer via: by Express Bus (arranged by us) 
Program: In the morning, you can enjoy the sunrise of Huangshan if you like, and then take cable car down to Huangshan. Follow to visit Hongcun Village, Ink Stone Factory. After the tour, you will be transferred to bus station and take express bus to Hangzhou. Arrive in Hangzhou, be met and transferred to hotel

-Hongcun Village: An ancient town over 800 years old leaning against Mt. Huangshan, it is folded in the fog of the Mt. which makes it look like a river and mountain picture. It enjoys the reputation of "The Chinese town in the pictures". Especially, the whole town distributes like a "cow", which made it one of the wonders in the world culture heritage. The famous film "Crouching Tiger" was made here.
-Ink Stone Factory: Ink Stone is the most important part of ""Four Treasures of the Study"". Because of its solid texture, ink stone can be handed down from ancient times. The Ink Stone Factory in Hangshan is one of the most famous ink stone factories in China, where you can see the whole working process." 

Accommodations: Lily Hotel***
Tel: 0571-87991188, Fax: 0571-87985706

Day 4  Mon 3-Nov-08     Meal(s) (B, L)   Hangzhou

Program: Full day Hangzhou highlight tour to West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Dragon Well Tea Plantation

-West Lake: Lying on the west edge of Hangzhou city, West Lake is the symbol of Hangzhou as well as one of the most beautiful sights in China.
-Lingyin Temple: Lingyin Temple is one of the ten most famous ancient Buddhist temples in China. It also houses various Buddhist literature and treasures.
-Pagoda of Six Harmonies. Located on the northern bank of the Qiantang River, south of Hangzhou city, the Pagoda of Six Harmonies first built in 970 A.D but destroyed in war. What we see today is a brick and wooden structure rebuilt in 1153 A.D. With 59.89 meters high, the pagoda is the best place to have a bird-eyes-view of the scenery around Qiantang River.
-Dragon Well Tea is well known worldwide, the water of dragon well is sweet and nice. The green tea here enjoys very high reputation since Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D) for its four special features: green color, fragrant aroma, sweet taste and smooth even appearance.

Accommodations: Lily Hotel***

Day 5  Tue 4-Nov-08     Meal(s) (B, L)   Hangzhou / Xi'an

Transfer via: HU7862 1105-1310 (arranged by us) 
Program: In the morning, you will be transferred to airport and take flight to Xi'an. Arrive in Xi'an, be met and transferred to hotel, then visit the Ancient City Wall, the Bell Tower

-The Ancient City Wall: It is the largest and best preserved present city wall in ancient China and is probably the best military battlement in the world.
-The Bell Tower: The wooden tower, which is the largest and best-preserved of its kind in China, is 36 meters (118 feet) high.

Accommodations: Bell Tower Hotel****
Tel: 029-87600000, Fax: 029-87271217

Day 6  Wed 5-Nov-08     Meal(s) (B, L, D)   Xi'an

Program: Full day visit the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Great Mosque of Xi'an. In the evening, you will enjoy the Tang Dynasty Dinner Show with dinner

-The Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses: The greatest archaeological findings of the century: the army of terra-cotta warriors and the bronze chariots entombed in vast underground vaults at emperor Qin's tomb.
-Big Wild Goose Pagoda: It is a well-preserved ancient building and a holy place for Buddhists.
-The Great Mosque of Xi'an: It is the largest and best preserved of the early mosques of China. Built primarily in the Ming Dynasty when Chinese architectural elements were synthesized into mosque architecture.
-The Tang Dynasty Dinner Show: This is a very spectacular and elaborate show with dancing, traditional Chinese music and probably the most beautiful Chinese girls in town. A must-see.

Accommodations: Bell Tower Hotel****

Day 7  Thu 6-Nov-08     Meal(s) (B, L)   Xi'an / Beijing  

Transfer via: HU7138 1015-1145 (arranged by us) 
Program: In the morning, three of you will be transferred to airport and take flight to Beijing. Arrive in Beijing, be met and transferred to hotel, then visit the Summer Palace and Hutongs

-The Summer Palace: The largest and best-preserved royal garden in China with a history of over 800 years.
-Hutongs: The old narrow paths where common people lived. All the Hutongs crisscross with each other, dotted with the Kindergarten, the Bell Tower, the Drum Tower, the Tea House, and the lake, House of Gong Infante and local people's houses among them.

Accommodations: Redwall Hotel***
Tel: 010-51098666, Fax: 010-51098999

Day 8  Fri 7-Nov-08     Meal(s) (B, L)   Beijing 

Program: Full day visit the Tian'anmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven

-The Tian'anmen Square: The largest city square in the world.
-The Forbidden City: The largest imperial palace in China during the Ming and Qing dynasties with a history of around 600 years.
-The Temple of Heaven: The place where the ancient emperors used to pray for the God's bless of the whole nation.

Accommodations: Redwall Hotel***

Day 9  Sat 8-Nov-08     Meal(s) (B, L)   Beijing  

Program: Full day visit the Badaling Great Wall, the Ding Tomb, the Sacred Road

-Badaling Great Wall: One of the eight wonders in the world and the symbol of China.
-The Ding Tomb: The only underground tomb of the thirteen tombs of the emperors in the Ming Dynasty.
-The Sacred Road: The way guarded on both sides with stone statues by which the ancient emperors went to hold a memorial ceremony for the ancestors.

Accommodations: Redwall Hotel***

Day 10  Sun 9-Nov-08     Meal(s) (B)   Beijing / TBA

Transfer via: NA0030 8:45AM departure Beijing-own arrangement 
Program: Free at leisure, you will be transferred to airport for your flight back home

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