Great Wall Protection

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In the last century, due to various environmental reasons and human activities, about one million square meters of land from Xinjiang to the Songneng Plains are changing from arable land into desert. This trend has extended past the Great Wall and spread to inside the passes. Also, large parts of the Great Wall's wall, beacon towers and watchtowers had been damaged or destroyed by the carelessness of men.

To preserve this architectural wonder and cultural heritage, many people suggest that China publicize the rich history of the Great Wall to the world and enact laws to protect it. Below are a number of steps that the Chinese government has taken and some suggestions for individuals to consider:

Measures taken by the Chinese Government to protect the Great Wall

Enact laws to protect the wall from further damage by men. Provide funds to be used for wall protection and preservation. What individuals can do to protect the Great Wall

Plant trees and remove trash to keep the areas fresh and clean. When visiting the Great Wall, do not leave behind anything besides your footsteps and take away nothing more than your memories.

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