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Sea of clouds after rainfall at Huangshan Mountain


Photo taken on Feb. 6, 2013 shows the sea of clouds after a rainfall at the Huangshan Mountain scenic spot in Huangshan City, east China's Anhui Province. [Xinhua/Shi Guangde]

Amazing scenery in Lushan Mountain, Jiangxi


Located on the southern bank of the Yangtze River south of Jiujiang City in northern Jiangxi Province, the Lushan Mountain whole scenic area covers an area of 302 square kilometers, with the 1,474-meter Hanyang Peak as its highest summit. Featuring magnificent peaks, strange stone formations, unique waterfalls, flourishing trees, and many historical sites, the mountain is labeled as one of the most famous sites in the country and was included in the UNESCO world heritage list in 1996. []

Snowy scenery in Qingzhou, Shandong


Photo taken on Feb. 4, 2013 shows the scenery of the snow-covered Fangongting Park in Qingzhou City, east China's Shandong Province. [Xinhua/Wang Jilin]

Underwater dragon dance to greet coming New Year at Beijing Aquarium


Divers perform the dragon dance at the Beijing Aquarium in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 5, 2013, to greet the upcoming Spring Festival, which falls on Feb. 10 this year. [Xinhua/Chen Jianli]

Seeking Existing Prince Mansions in Beijing


The Prince's Mansion culture is an essential part of traditional Chinese culture, which bridges imperial culture and normal citizen culture.

National Library to Exhibit New Year's Paintings


The National Library of China will host an exhibition of the country's traditional New Year paintings during the Spring Festival holiday.

Kapok flowers blossom in Nujiang, China's Yunan


Kapok flowers blossom in Lisu Autonomous Prefecture of Nujiang, southwest China's Yunnan Province, Feb. 2, 2013. [Xinhua/Lin Yiguang]

Lanterns decorated in Sichuan to greet Spring Festival


Illuminations are seen during a preview of the 19th Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival in Zigong, southwest China's Sichuan Province, Feb. 2, 2013. The lantern festival is scheduled to be held in Zigong to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. [Xinhua/Lu Peng]

Phalaenopsis exhibition held in Taipei


Visitors view flowers at a phalaenopsis exhibition in Taipei, southeast China's Taiwan, Feb. 3, 2013. The eight-day exhibition was opened on Feb. 3 to greet the upcoming Spring Festival, which falls on Feb. 10 this year. [Xinhua/Wu Ching-teng]

Xining decorates city to greet Spring Festival


Citizens walk past a lantern-decorated gateway in Xining, capital of northwest China's Qinghai Province, Jan. 31, 2013. Various lanterns are used here to decorate the city for the upcoming China's Lunar New Year. [Xinhua/Zhang Hongxiang]

Rime scenery in Beijing


Photo taken on Jan. 29, 2013 shows the scenery of rime in Beijing, the capital of China. []

Sanya Crushed by Spring Festival Tourist Rush


Sanya can be the country's most popular resort during the coming Spring Festival, but the city's infrastructure is not yet ready for the booming tourism.

Palace Museum to Launch Online Ticket Bookings


The Palace Museum in Beijing will introduce online ticket bookings for group visitors in peak seasons as one of its major measures to control visit flows, museum officials revealed at a year-end media briefing on Monday.

Humble Administrator's Garden in China's Suzhou


The Humble Administrator's Garden, or Zhuozheng Garden, is the largest garden in Suzhou and is generally considered to be the finest garden in all of southern China.The construction of the luxurious garden started during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Although its owners changed numerous times, it still maintains its late Qing appearance today, with numerous pavilions and bridges set among a maze of connected pools and islands. Covering a total area of 52,000 square meters (5.2 hectares), the garden is divided into three major parts: eastern part, central part and western part. [ Photo by Yuan Fang]

Amazing scenery in Shennongjia Nature Reserve


Lying between Daba and Wudang Mountains, Shennongjia Nature Reserve is located in the northwestern part of Hubei Province. In 1990, it was included in the Man and Biosphere Reserve Network of UNESCO.The nature reserve occupies 76,950 hectares with its highest peak, Shennong, 3,105 meters above sea level. It is characterized by high mountains, steep slopes and deep valleys. []

Sichuan Airlines to Fly Between Chengdu and Melbourne


Sichuan Airlines willprovide direct flights between the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu and Melbourne of Australia starting from Feb. 28.

Palace Museum Considers Visitor Flow During Holidays


The Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, is considering controlling the flow of visitors during holiday periods, the curator stated on Monday.

Painting-like scenery of Hani terraced fields in SW China


Photo taken on Jan. 26, 2013 shows the scenery of terraced fields in Yuanyang County of Honghe Hani-Yi Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Yunnan Province. [Xinhua/Qin Qing]

Lunar New Year wishes made by shoppers in Beijing


Visitors pose for photos with the wishing trees at a shopping mall in Wangfujing, a commercial area in Beijing, capital of China, Jan. 26, 2013. [Xinhua/Luo Wei]

China Plum Blossom Art Center to officially open to the public


Photo taken on Jan. 23, 2013 shows a root carving work at China Plum Blossom Art Center in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province. The China Plum Blossom Art Center with the theme of plum blossom will be officially open to the public in February this year. [Xinhua/Li Xiang]