Seeking Existing Prince Mansions in Beijing

created: 2013-02-06

People's Daily Online, February 6, 2013

The Prince's Mansion culture is an essential part of traditional Chinese culture, which bridges imperial culture and normal citizen culture.

1. Prince Gong's Mansion

(Prince Gong's Mansion)

Prince Gong's Mansion in Beijing- Gong Wang Fu - locates at Qianhai Xijie to the north of Shichahai. It is the best preserved Qing Dynasty princely mansion and also a fine example of ancient Chinese Prince's Mansion culture.

2. Prince Zheng's Mansion

(Prince Zheng's Mansion)

Prince Zheng's Mansion, in Erlong (Two Dragon) Road in Xidan, was formerly China University and is now part of the State Education Commission.

3. Prince Keqin's (junwang) Mansion

(Prince Keqin's (junwang) Mansion)

Prince Keqin's Mansion on Xinwenhua Road in Xuanwumennei is now the Xinwenhua Road Second Primary School. Though the mansion is not large, it is exquisitely constructed. The main halls of the front and central courtyards are five jian each; the main hall in the rear courtyard measures seven.

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