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Here we share all sorts of China travel news. We offer news on sites, Chinese culture, Chinese history, restaurants, and so much more. We hope that you find this interesting, and if you are planning a China tour, that it helps with your plans. If you have any questions on the information you find in our China news, or on China travel, please feel free to contact us. Our team will do everything in its power to assist you.

Guangdong aims to boost tourism2013-05-20

Tourism authorities in Guangdong province have planned to develop high-end short tours for friends overseas, as the provincial capital has become the third Chinese city to allow foreign visitors to stay for 72 hours without a visa.

The Old Bund in China's Ningbo2013-05-20

The Old Bund in China's Ningbo During the First Opium War, the British captured an outlying district of present Ningbo. The signing of the Treaties of Nanjing in 1842 ended the war, and Ningbo became one of the five major seaports to open to Western powers. Since then, a foreign settlement along the Old Bund in Ningbo began, which antedated the Shanghai's better-known bund by more than 20 years. This bund has a range of restaurants, cafes and bars. Restored historic structures stand alongside newer buildings and create one pretty picture. [bbs.fengniao]

Scenery of Changbai Mountain in NE China2013-05-20

Scenery of Changbai Mountain in NE China Tourists visit a scenic spot of the Changbai Mountain in Changchun City, northeast China's Jilin Province, May 19, 2013. [Xinhua/Xu Chang]

Hong Kong Disneyland Opens a New Theme Park on May 17th2013-05-17

On May 17th, Hong Kong Disneyland opens a new theme park called Mystic Point. It is acclaimed as one of the most complex recreational facilities in Disneyland. Here visitors will have a feast of sound, aroma and experience.

Beijing gets ready for Garden Expo2013-05-17

Beijing gets ready for Garden Expo The Ninth China (Beijing) International Garden Expo will be officially open to the public at 12:00 noon of May 18, 2013. The garden covers a total area of 513 hectares, including a vast land space of 267 hectares showcasing a kaleidoscope of 128 delicate gardens from home and abroad, as well as a picturesque waterscape spanning some 246 hectares. Its size is almost double that of the Summer Palace.The biennial event, which will last for six months right into November, is China's highest-level gathering in the garden and flora industry. It's jointly hosted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Municipal People's Government. []

Visa-free policy in Shanghai draws 3,800 visitors this year2013-05-17

A new policy that allows overseas passengers to stay in Shanghai for 72 hours without a visa has benefited 3,800 people since it took effect on Jan 1, tourismdata showed on Wednesday.

Scenery around Lake Nam Co in SW China's Tibet2013-05-15

Scenery around Lake Nam Co in SW China's Tibet People walk along the icy lake Nam Co located at the boundary of Damxung and Baingoin counties, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, on May 12, 2013. Lake Nam Co, the highest saltwater lake of the world at 4,718 meters above the sea level, is regarded as a sacred lake in Tibetan Buddhism. (Xinhua/Chen Tianhu)

GEF helps conserve China's World Heritage mountain2013-05-15

Global Environment Facility (GEF), an international financing institution for environmental protection, has donated 2.72 million U.S. dollars toassist conserve biodiversity on Mount Huangshan in east China.

City guide in May2013-05-15

Beijing Peking opera The play The Story of Taizhen depicts the life of Yang Yuhuan, Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) Emperor Xuanzong's favorite concubine. The Peking opera is part of the repertoire of the Mei School, which was founded by master Mei Lanfang. It is directed by the master's son, Mei Baojiu, and will be staged with various visual aides.

Scenery of Ping Chau Island in HK2013-05-13

Scenery of Ping Chau Island in HK Visitors tour at the Ping Chau Island in south China's Hong Kong, May 12, 2013. Ping Chau, also named Tung Ping Chau, lies in the northeast corner of Hong Kong and is part of the Hong Kong Geopark. The island is home to shale rocks in various shapes which makes it a popular tourist attraction. [Xinhua/Chen Xiaowei]

Exhibition displays art and relics of two civilizations2013-05-13

Exhibition displays art and relics of two civilizations An exhibition in Beijing, combining paintings with historical items about Huns and the Central Plains,offers viewers an in-depth observation into the two civilizations.

World Landscape Art Exposition kicks off in NE China's Jinzhou2013-05-13

World Landscape Art Exposition kicks off in NE China's Jinzhou Tourists visit the flower park in the 2013 World Landscape Art Exposition Jinzhou China, in Jinzhou, northeast China's Liaoning Province, May 10, 2013. The exposition kicked off on Friday, attracting more than 300 artists from at home and abroad. (Xinhua/Yang Qing)

Beautiful scenery of Three Gorges2013-05-10

Beautiful scenery of Three Gorges The Three Gorges, which are comprised of the Qutang gorge, Wuxia Gorge and Xiling Gorge, stretch from Baidi City in Chongqing to Nanjinguan of Hubei with a total length of 192 kilometers. Taking a boat cruise, visitors can enjoy the river and mountain vistas. As a historically and culturally important location in China, the area has many important historical scenic spots, including Shennv Peak, Gaotang Temple and Baidi City. Besides, it is home to the world famous Three Gorges Dam. [bbs.fengniao]

Wuxu airport can issue arrival visas2013-05-10

The visa office of Nanning Wuxu airports public security department in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous regionbegan issuing arrival visas from May 6 after approval from the State Council.

Restored Royal Opera Theatre opens to public2013-05-10

After several renovations thatwent on18 months, Deheyuan (Garden of Virtuous Harmony), located in the Summer Palace, officially opened on April 25, 2013. The garden has been restored to the way it was during the Qing Dynasty and has regained its splendor and magnificence as a royal opera theater.

Beijing wants to have a bite of heritage list2013-05-10

Bidding for the national status aims to prevent traditions from vanishing The Chinese capital is trying to get its traditional snacks recognized as intangible cultural heritage items.

Visa policy to attract global tourists2013-05-10

Shanghai is attempting to consolidate its status as a global hot spot by allowing visitors arriving by passenger liners to spend three days in the city without a visa.

Beijing's Garden Expo ready for trial run on Sunday2013-05-08

The Ninth China (Beijing) International Garden Expo is ready for its trial run on Sunday, since construction work is done, authorities said on Friday.

Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world2013-05-08

Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world The Tibetan name of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, is Qomolangma, which means Holy mother and represents the mother goddess of the Earth. Besides experienced mountaineers, Mount Everest draws scientists and ordinary tourists.

Erotic Ethnic Trip to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan2013-05-08

Erotic Ethnic Trip to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan If there is a particular place worth to remember on earth, it must be the colorful Yunnan. Yunnan, a place of long history and ethnic customs, is famed in the world with its beautiful scenery, rich resources and mystery. It is named by people as Mystery Land.

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