Hong Kong Disneyland Opens a New Theme Park on May 17th

created: 2013-05-17

VisitOurChina, May 17th, 2013

On May 17th, Hong Kong Disneyland opens a new theme park called Mystic Point. It is acclaimed as one of the most complex recreational facilities in Disneyland. Here visitors will have a feast of sound, aroma and experience.

Mystic Point in Hong Kong consists of Mystic Manson, where high-end technology and elements of Disneyland are perfectly blended, the Archive Shop, Garden of Wonders, and Mystic Point Freight Depot, by which you can explore its every nook and cranny and start your adventures, and the Explorer’s Restaurant, where you can try international cuisines.

What is worth mentioning is that trackless vehicles and advanced projector are available, which enable visitors to shuttle among 13 dreamlike scenes, and at the same time to feel as if sitting in the flowing 4D cinema. 

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