Jewels on the Bund: the third Shanghai Fine Jewellery and Art Fair

created: 2010-05-19

Now in its third year, the Shanghai Fine Jewellery and Art Fair (SFJAF) is taking place at the recently opened Rockbund Center until May 23, 2010.

"We have a very strict selection process for exhibitors who want to show at the event," said Nicol Mori, SFJAF president. "During the week-long event we display everything from antiques to modern and contemporary items. Every single piece of fine jewellery on show is unique, making it a piece of art in itself."

During a press conference on May 14 to publicise the event, Chinese painter Wang Xinguo donated one of his own art works to the Ailing Foundation - the art charity run by Bund 18. The charity is currently helping survivors of the Yushu earthquake. Business woman and talk-show host Yue-sai Kan also shared her thoughts and experi-ences about the art world at the conference.

Around 20 internationally famous dealers and fine jewellers will be displaying jewellery and art works making the event a must-see for collectors and art lovers.

Among the highlights of this year's event will be 17th and 18th century European silverware, courtesy of antique dealer Bernard de Leye, antique tapestries from the Zada Gallery and silk textiles from the Chinese Imperial Court, courtesy of the Teresa Coleman Gallery.

From Paris, meanwhile, the Orphee Gallery will be displaying some of its stunning crystal.

Closer to home, Pearl Lam's Contrasts and Beifang Galleries, which promote Chinese and international artists, perfectly represent the cross cultural spirit of SFJAF.


Time: 12 am to 7 pm, until May 23 (VIP Hours: 11 am to 12 pm)

Venue: Rockbund, 133-169 Yuanmingyuan Road, Shanghai.

Admission: 200 yuan per person


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