First Scenic Area 3D Simulation System, the First One in China, Comes Out in Chongqing

created: 2010-05-20

Emme Chongqing Science and Technology Company has introduced its "scenic area 3D simulation system", which is the first in China, and will be promoted to scenic areas in China.

With the new system, tourists will be able to visit tourist attractions online by clicking a mouse and using a keyboard.

The system has adopted virtual reality technology and geographic information to simulate landscape, buildings, and service facilities inside a scenic area on an Internet network platform, integrating multimedia materials such as music, video, and a tour guide's commentary, so that tourists can experience the scenic area online before they actually go there.

This system will be first applied in Dazu Rock Carvings and Wuling Xiannvshan. This could help tourists to determine their travel routes and itineraries, and to book hotels or restaurants.

Compared with the current video promotional videos, the 3D simulation system has all the effects the latter could have, and other functions it does not have. For example, the new system can show the expected future effect during the planning and construction period of a scenic area. It also provides two output formats that enable users to choose their favorite routes and scenic spots to visit the scenic area through multi-dimensional and multi-angle ways.


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