Two years after the Wenchuan Earthquake - the rebirth of Shuimo town

created: 2010-05-12

Two years after the Wenchuan Earthquake that devastated southwest China's Sichuan Province, the once picturesque area is sporting a brand new look, with yellow and red buildings featuring the ethnic Jiang style spotted among white walls and black tiles.

Located along the back edge of the renowned scenic attraction Mt. Qingcheng, and less than 10 kilometers from the epicenter of Yingxiu, Shuimo Town was severely damaged during the quake.

Since August 2008, the rescue team from Foshan city of south China's Guangdong Province has been leading a comprehensive reconstruction project. Following a conscientious study of the rich history of Shuimo Town, they decided to recreate it as a livable tourist and cultural spot featuring ecological construction with ethnic minority influences. Under this general blueprint, Shuimo has seen colleges, minority-influenced buildings, and public facilities shoot up around the core scenic attraction of Shouxi Lake.

Before the earthquake, people in Shuimo had long been worried about the deteriorating environment, as more than 60 high energy consumption factories emitted dust and dirt into the air.


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