Xiamen and Tainan City signs tourism cooperation agreement

created: 2010-05-12

In Tainan City, Taiwan, the Xiamen Tourism Administration and the Tainan Association of Travel Agents have entered into a tourism cooperation agreement on sending tourists to the other destination.

The agreement mainly covers three aspects. First, two cities will jointly promote tourism exchanges between them with the goal of 60,000 visits annually. Second, they will enhance the quality of tourism. Third, the two sides will adopt joint marketing in the future to send tourism information to consumers to promote tourist routes of both and build tourism brands.

Tainan's deputy mayor, Hong Cheng-chung, stated in his speech that Tainan Ancient City has preserved the historic culture of Taiwan for about 400 years. Tainan City has 112 historic sites, eight historic buildings, and nine planned cultural zones. From July 2008, mainland tourists made 730,000 visits to Tainan City, 70 times previous number.

The chairman of TATA, Wang Zhiyuan, said that there are about 200 travel agencies in Tainan County. Southern Taiwan's tourism market sees a prosperous future, and hotels and tourist buses in Tainan City will be quite busy till June 10. TATA is planning a five-day in-depth tour of southern Taiwan enabling mainland tourists to know Taiwan's beauty without being hastily.


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