Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui Build Regional Tourism Golden Triangle

created: 2010-04-12

At the Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Anhui Tourism Regional Cooperation Conference and the Sixth West Zhejiang Tourism Cooperation Summit, both held by Thousand-island Lake(Qiandao Lake), the three provinces agreed to build a barrier-free tourism cooperation zone.

The "barrier free zone" will cover policy, marketing, traffic, information, and services related to tourism. The three provinces reached consensus on eight aspects at the conference: promoting the preparation of a tourism development master plan; promoting tourism market development and tourism brands enhancement; developing new business types and new consumer demand; strengthening training and exchanges of tourism personnel; establishing a normalized cooperation mechanism; setting up tourist traffic signs in tourist attractions; strengthening the interaction and sharing of information; and creating a good tourism service environment.

Participants of the conference concluded that there are several reasons for the three to build the golden tourism zone. Firstly, Huangshan, Shangrao, and Hangzhou are at the junctions of the three provinces with rich natural and social tourist attractions such as West Lake, Mount Huangshan, Mount Sanqing, and Thousand-island Lake. Secondly, the traffic advantages are quite obvious, as the Yangtze River Delta is at the east of this triangle, and it only takes two hours or so to drive from one scenic area to another. Thirdly, in addition to the golden tourist route "Mount Huangshan–Thousand-Island Lake–Hangzhou", Wuyuan and Mount Sanqing are also becoming a more and more popular and more complementary routes will be designed and developed. Fourthly, the exchange and sharing of diverse tourist sources will help to develop a huge tourism market.

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