Tibet Tourism Corp. plans to organize 2,500 visitors to World Expo

created: 2010-04-02

Tibet Tourism Corporation plans to organize 2,500 Tibetan tourists to visit the upcoming World Expo 2010 to be held in Shanghai, according to Liu Yidong, senior official of the corporation.

The company will organize the applicants for visiting the Expo in Tibet to have a World Expo tour in groups during the Expo period.

According to the requirement of the World Expo Board, the number of tourists of each group shall not be fewer than 15. "We intend to send one tourist group per month to visit the Expo during the Expo period from May to October,"said Qu Jie, a manager of the company.

"Applicants can arrange their schedules according to their own needs and the nonscheduled groups will set off as long as one group has more than 15 members," he said. The company has not set the exact dates of arrangements yet, according to Tibet Business.

The company arranges three types of Expo tours, namely, six-, seven- and eight-day tours, at a cost of about 5,000 yuan for a visitor. The tour routes will cover Shanghai and some neighbouring cities like Suzhou and Hangzhou.

People can also visit the Expo on their own by buying tickets from the designated service outlets, such as post offices.

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