China International Travel Service Enters Hangzhou

created: 2010-03-18

China International Travel Service, one of the few tourism enterprises among the "Top 500 Enterprises of China", has established China International Travel Service Zhejiang Company. together with Zhejiang Paradise International Travel Service Company with a total investment of CNY10 million.

It is reported that Hangzhou currently has 461 travel agencies but only a few of those are of large scale and famous brands.

Xu Liang, the general manager and director of CITS Zhejiang and the former general manager of Zhejiang Paradise International Travel Service, told media that with the unique resources of CITS Head Office and the outstanding management, research and development, and tour guide team from Paradise International Travel Service, CITS Zhejiang will focus more on outbound tourism, MICE and e-commerce.

CITS Head Office is reported to be China's largest travel agency and has 14 branches in more than ten countries and regions with a total brand value of CNY13.9 billion.

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