CTSHK And Shenzhen Building Coastal Tourist Resort

created: 2010-02-09

China National Travel Service (HK) and Shenzhen municipal government have held the signing ceremony for a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework between the two parties.

The two parties will strive to make Shenzhen a well-known and influential international coastal tourism city by strengthening strategic coordination and enhancing mutual trust.

CTSHK will increase investment in Shenzhen, especially for tourism destinations and high-tech products. It will make full use of its brand, capital, market, management, and personnel to support Shenzhen in building an international coastal tourism city, and to make Shenzhen a key tourism destination, guest source market, and distribution center for outbound and inbound tourists.

The Shenzhen government will give active support to CTSHK's operations in the city, including scenic spots, travel e-commerce, tourism estate, hotel, recreation, and sports programs. It will give priority to CTSHK for tourism cooperative development in tourism industry.

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