Lhasa Railway Station not to use new tickets for now

created: 2009-12-10

The Lhasa Railway Station in Lhasa, capital of Tibet, will not use new train tickets for the time being, Deputy Director of the Station Jia Nailin said Tuesday.

According to Tibet Business, the new edition of train tickets will begin to be used throughout the country as of Dec. 10.

"We have not been notified to sell new train tickets, so we are still selling old ones," Jia said in a telephone interview.

According to Jia, it is impossible to sell new tickets on the previously set date as the computer ticketing system in the Lhasa Railway Station has not been ungraded yet.

A two-dimensional anti-counterfeiting pattern will be applied to the new train tickets to replace the original one-dimensional bar codes as a result of technological progress, according to a notice from the Ministry of Railways.

The national computer ticketing system will be upgraded this time, which will not affect passengers.

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